Saturday, 18 September 2010

What will my future baby look like? a generator, you say?

So you want to find out what you baby will look like eh? I found a site which explains all the details, how it's done, best of all it's free. I shall give you the down low on everything before you take the plunge and actually find out what you baby looks like :) You could be in for a shock.

You can find out what your future little baby will look like over at the "What will my baby look like" website, enjoy.

So I'll explain a bit more shall I?

All you need to do is upload 2 pictures to the website given on the tutorial page and you will get an image of you baby sent directly to your mobile telephone!! It's pretty amazing when you think of how the face generation technology has advanced. If you don't decide to get a generated picture of you baby your really missing out, after all it is free, now what are you waiting for, go find out that question tingling on the edge of your mind What will my baby look like?

Here's a picture of one of the generated baby's from the site above. (so cute!!!)

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